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The ProDry line of products has 3 amazing components to make shampooing a more pleasurable process for you. Our Towel, Water Repellent Towel, & Waterproof Performance Cover are definite necessities for you – whether you’re a professional in a salon or taking care of your hair needs at home.
Our towels and cover-up are water repellent, eco-friendly, and keeps your hair from being frizzy! Unfortunately, we can’t get rid of towels altogether. But we can make them easier to use and less messy. And with their dual sides, which are adjustable, they make the process of shampooing even more comfortable. Why? Because you no longer have to sit with a clumpy and wet towel around your neck. They provide more coverage ad the Velcro straps make adjusting easy.
Another highlight is the smart performance cover. This product literally envelopes you and makes sure that you stay dry and comfortable! No longer do you have to worry about bringing an extra shirt to the salon or messing up your shirt in between appointments. ProDry products literally have you covered – from start to finish!
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