What Clients Are Saying About ProDry Hair Products

ProDry Hair Products offers salon stylists and owners who love to be busy in their salon the chance to multitask and work much more efficiently on a daily basis. If you are a hairstylist that loves to be busy in your salon, double book, or maybe even work one-handed from time to time (we don’t judge you, you are among friends!), ProDry Hair Products offers innovative, professional hair products for salons.

Our two flagship products are:

  • ProDry Towel® – Are you sick and tired of going through hundreds of towels a day? We offer a new approach to salon towels with a green towel selection specifically designed to stay on the shoulders of your clients, protecting them from getting wet. Say goodbye to going through way too many salon towels every day. This helps you cut down on energy and water usage on a daily basis!
  • ProDry Disc® – If you are just about ready to drive yourself crazy by drying hair extensions on hangers, we’ve got a brand new product we are thrilled to tell you about. The ProDry Disc® is a hands-free hair diffuser for drying and maintaining extensive hair extensions. As we all know, wet or even damp hair extensions can lead to mold or mildew. Once those problems crop up, they are basically impossible to get rid of. This hair extension dryer and diffuser allows you to easily and quickly dry your extensions under a blow dryer while you are busy styling the hair of your patrons! It’s the only hands-free dryer diffuser on the market!

What People Are Saying

Now that we’ve established how we can help hairdressers and salon owners in a practical way, we’d like to spend the rest of today’s post by highlighting a few of our favorite reviews we’ve received that highlight the ProDry Towel®! Keep reading to get the unfiltered sentiments of actual salon customers!

  • “I am a happy client every week and thank you for such a great new concept for towels.” – Anastasia B.
  • “This is the most comfortable towel I have ever used in a salon to wash my hair.” – Laila T.
  • “I love this new concept that is so smart and easy to use.” – Mary B.
  • “I love washing my hair in the salon instead of washing my hair at home. It has a great coverage and simple concept.” – Sheri
  • “This is such a smart neck design and I am so happy while getting my hair done.” – Yana P.
  • “There is no other towel that would do the job as well as ProDryTowel will.” – Paulina N.
  • “I am very happy this is a luxurious towel and it fixes the problems. This towel is smart and it stays on my neck and my clothes are not wet.” – Talin
  • “I believe that you will be successful. I love all your products.” – Laura

As you can tell from these glowing testimonials provided by real salon customers, the Smart Green Towel is great for both home and salon use. And the fact is, you can only get the ProDry Towel® right here at ProDry Hair Products, LLC. If you are tired of wasting water while not being able to keep your customers’ clothes dry during treatment, our smart green towel is the perfect solution!

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With free shipping on orders over $199, we want to set you and your salon business up for success with innovative salon towels and hair extension care products that will tangibly make your life better. How can we be so sure? Simple! Using less water, keeping your customer dry, and making sure their hair extensions are well taken care of couldn’t lead to anything else!

Shop our full selection of hair products for salons and other hair treatment products. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions! We’d love to hear from you!