Tools you will need to use the best dryer diffuser on the market

Our new ProDry Disc® will eliminate the frustration and speed up the “drying process!” No more hours of air-drying and picking up pieces that have fallen off hangers. This product will also allow the sanitizing process to take place quicker and more efficiently! The greatest part is that it has its own sturdy legs that can sit upright at your station or lay flat!

Prodry Hair Products eliminate the stress, time consuming, and aggravating drying process for any kind of human hair extensions.

This is something extremely beneficial for any and every person in hair care.


ProDry Disc®:

  • Hooded salon hair dryer With a 12”W to 15 “ W Hood dimensions. 800-1400 watts heating.
  • Regular blow dryer 800-1200 watts heat. Attach the hose from ProDry (soft hooded bonnet with elastic rubber band that will cover over the Disc) to your blow drying nuzzle.
  • Portable heat cap with attached dryer. Attach the hose from portable heater on to the Disc covering the entire area.

To hang the ProDry Disc®:

Package comes with Velcro. It is important to let the velcro set 10-12 hours before using product to reduce the risk of damage.

Make sure you use industrial Velcro for the top of the platform when using heavy pounds of hair for better hold on the bonnet.  

ProDry Disc® weighs about 2-3 pounds, and can hold a lot of heavy weight, tools or hair extensions etc…:

  1. Use a medium or large hook with an adhesive back, screws, or a nail with a round top.
  2. Hang the ProDry Disc® from a secure place either a wall or a door.
  3. Hook and loop velcro.
    4 pieces of each loop and hook velcro, 1”•1/2”- ProDry Disc® has sturdy legs that can also be used as an anchor to keep the disc in place. Place the small cut out velcro loop on the 4 thick legs. Place the other 4 velcro hooks on any surface to keep the Disc in place.

What is included in the package?

  • ProDry Disc®:
    Multi use for diffusing, drying, condition and style any type or size hair extensions under a hooded hair dryer instantly in short time hands free.
    – 1 diffusing Disc (gray color)
    – 3 clips assembled (orange color)
    – 4 loops and 4 hooks Velcro (black)
    ( 3”• 1” ) place them on the marked areas on the surface of the Disc to securely attach under hooded blow dryer.
    – packaged ready to be used.
  • ProDry Styling Accessory®:
    Multi use for drying , tinting, condition and style any type or size of human hair extensions.
    – 1 ProDry Styling Accessory® (orange color)
    – interchangeable, instead of the clips.
    – squeeze lightly and insert on to the Disc openings on both sides.
    – packaged ready to be used.

Please check out the gallery and videos in the website in regards to how to install and why you should use our salon products for stylists.

Instructional Images for the ProDry Disc Products: