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ProDry Disc®️


ProDry Disc® Fast and easy salon or home diffuser quick drying process for all hair extensions. No more hours of air-drying and picking up pieces that have fallen off hangers.

This product will also allows weft to diffuse quicker and more efficiently! The greatest part is that it has its own sturdy legs for drainage and a place to hang from a flat surface for styling.

Includes Clips.

Dimensions: 4 in × 41in × 7 cm  


ProDry Disc is designed to attach with industrial Velcro to hair drying bonnet.

ProDry Disc can be hung on a flat surface with a hook and secure it with velcro on the legs to keep it sturdy for styling. 

  1. Wash, condition, comb hair extensions. 
  2. Ideal for deep conditioning, lift, or color deposit. 
  3. Let it drain over the sink.
  4. Attach under the hairdryer for hands-free drying.
  5. Alternatively, hang on the hook for overnight drying.
  6. Place it on your workstation to use for coloring hair, toning, lift, and artistry. 
  7. ProDry Disc is easy to wash, heatproof and it won’t get stained.

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