ProDry Disc Combo Pack


Includes Disk, Clips, Styling Accessory, Soft Bonnet.

ProDry Disc®

This tool is made to combat issues that arise when using all types of hair extensions, wigs, toupees, wefts, bundles and more.

Issues include:

  • Overnight and incomplete drying of hairpieces on hangers which often leads to unsanitary conditions that can smell of mold
  • Stylist struggling to wash and style all sorts of hairpieces without assistance

The ProDry Disc can be used over the shampoo bowl to ease the washing process of all hair types. The diffusing platform drains all of the water over a towel. With industrial velcro, the ProDry Disc securely attaches under the hard bonnet of salon hairdryer in order to completely dry all types of hairpieces fast and handsfree. This platform allows heat to diffuse under the hairdryer to condition, deposit or lift color faster with even results. The ProDry Disc can be hung on a flat surface with a hook and velcro attachments on the legs to keep it sturdy for styling. The clips and styling accessory will hold the weight of the hair securely while the stylist blow drys, combs, straightens, or curls the hair.

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