ProDry Styling Accessory® Disc not included


Use ProDry Disc® to wash and condition, rinse your hair extensions then let it drain over the shampoo bowl  transfer under the drying hard bonnet secured with industrial Velcro for hands free drying under 15 minutes. Using a hook hang all washed and drained human hair extensions, clip ins tape ins bundles weave single hairpieces, etc… onto the styling accessory secure the legs with Velcro on a flat surface start styling. Ideal go to styling platform in salon or home for efficient results. Use salon drying bonnet for hands free drying while you attend to your client.

ProDry Styling Accessory is ideal for toning hair extensions over shampoo bowl and ready to install following above information.

Dimensions: 11 in × 0.5 in × 2 cm 

Disc not included

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