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ProDry Performance Cover – Waterproof Ideal for Shampoo Bowl/Tinting



The ProDry Towel was designed to improve and replace salon towels.

Issues with small salon towels:

  • Salon towels do not have a secure collar that is why they fall on the floor, get stepped on, and get dirty which leads to unnecessary loads of laundry and wasted water.
  • Too many small towels are being used in the process of shampooing hair which also leads to loads of laundry and wasted water.
  • Salon towels are too small which causes the clients to get wet while their hair is being washed.
  • If the client's clothing gets wet, stylists have to spend extra time drying their clothing before styling to prevent frizziness.
  • Many stylists have been using plastic bags to cover their clients during hair services which creates pollution.

All ProDry towels are designed with a patented collar that is placed securely on the client's shoulder with adjustable velcro to prevent the towel from falling on the floor and will eliminate unnecessary loads of laundry.

ProDry Performance Cover: This waterproof cover is placed above either one of the towels on the skin to prevent the water from penetrating which keeps the towel and the clothes dry. 

Client clothes won't get wet while walking from the shampoo bowl to the styling chair. 

This method allows the stylist to only end up using one towel and eliminates rewashing clean towels just because they become wet. This can also cover the styling chair for many hair coloring purposes.

This cover replaces plastic bags and is eco-friendly.


  1. Waterproof, dual protection
  2. Ideal for shampoo bowl, artistries 
  3. More coverage and comfort
  4. Adjustable velcro, uniquely designed neckline to prevent water from entering the back, and clothing 

Dimensions: 26 in × 24 in × 26 cm

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